Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #10 SWITZERLAND – Timebelle – “Apollo”

Opening up the top 10 is a country we’re not accustomed to seeing in the upper positions of this chart. Eurovision’s first ever winners, Switzerland have suffered more than most in the current Eurovision era with only 2 grand final qualifications since 2006 – and even then, one of their final appearances resulted in finishing last. While neighbours Germany have finished last in the grand final in the last two years, Switzerland have finished last in their semi-final in that same time. Can Timebelle help Switzerland avoid a semi-final wooden spoon treble?

I think the answer should be a certain yes – they will definitely avoid coming last in their semi-final. All the signs from online rankings and preview parties is that 2017 should see the Swiss finally returning to the final. Timebelle (who are a three-piece band) are two-thirds Romanian (including the lead singer Miruna Mănescu) and Romania are in the same semi-final as Switzerland so that should help gain at least some points. The song is catchy, feels like it has as a direction, and sounds very suitable for Eurovision. It’s not in my personal top 10 I admit, but I certainly don’t dislike it – and clearly it’s hit a chord with Eurovision fans.

Will that be enough though? The Eurofandom may have taken to it but I just wonder if, once again, Switzerland are playing a little too safe? For countries that have no large diaspora or reliable neighbour vote (which is the case with Switzerland), playing safe can mean the song gets missed and subsequently few votes received. The UK is Switzerland’s most reliable and prolific points giver but won’t be voting in their semi-final so Romania (and Germany) will have to pick up the slack there.

I wish Timebelle good luck though – as one of Eurovision’s founding members and the first hosts and winners, it would be good to see Switzerland turn things round in the way Belgumg and the Netherlands seem to have done.

Mum’s reaction: “It’s alright, but why are all these singers trying to sound like Adele?”

Official music video:

Live at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam:

Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest:Switzerland Eurovision flag

First entered: 1956

Appearances (excluding this year): 57

Best result: Winner 1956, 1988

Last year’s result: 18th (last) in semi-final (did not qualify)

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