Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #16 CYPRUS – Hovig – “Gravity”

Finishing above Greece in this countdown for the second year in a row, Cyprus don’t quite make the top 10 as they did last time. It didn’t help that much in the actual contest though, finishing in 21st place in the final (though they at least qualified when Greece did not). Their entry last year was one of the most testosterone-filled, and you could say something similar of this year’s entry – will it fare better and can they beat Greece again?

They’re certainly using proven elements – once again the near ubiquitous Thomas G:son is involved – rather than co-writer as he was last year for Cyprus, this year he’s the sole writer and I think you can tell what’s been produced. This isn’t a bad entry by any means, and Hovig is certainly easy on the eye, but I just think it lacks a certain something – it’s perhaps just too similar to things we’ve heard before, and the song doesn’t really go anywhere. Hovig seems fine as a live performer after all, but not sure he can take this anywhere.

Will it qualify? I had begun to think that this might well be 50/50 in terms of qualification, but a look at who else will be voting in the first semi-final suggests it might be more comfortable – Greece will give votes, and the Cyprus’s other main provider of votes, the United Kingdom, also votes in this semi-final. We also have Sweden, Iceland and Finland in this semi, all of whom tend to give Cyprus points. And lastly, Armenia are in this semi and that will certainly bring Hovig votes – he’s of Armenian origin (full name Hovig Demirjian).

Mum’s reaction: shrug of shoulders

Official music video:

Live at Eurovision Spain Pre-Party in Madrid:

Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest:Cyprus Eurovision flag

First entered: 1981

Appearances (excluding this year): 33

Best result: 5th in 1982, 1997 and 2004

Last year’s result: 21st

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