Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #22 GREECE – Demy – “This Is Love”

Consistently one of the best performing countries in recent times (from 2004 to 2011, they finished inside the top 10 every year), Greece had a blip last year with their first ever non-qualification. Considering how awful their song was, it perhaps wasn’t a surprise, but with enlisting the chart-topping (in Greece) Demy as their artist, it looks like Greece are aiming to keep last year’s failure as a one-off blip. Will that be case?

Demy is a very pretty and engaging singer, so I am sure that alone will be a bonus. She’s had 7 number one singles and a number one album in Greece so she has a strong pedigree. The song itself is definitely in the “party banger” category which definitely feels right for Greece – I could do with it sounding more like a Greek party banger though, it could really come from any country with the sound it has.

I’ve seen this described as “catnip” for (gay) Eurovision fans – it seems like half the song is slower build up before finally getting to the dancey bit. Maybe that’s why I struggle to connect with this fully – it’s a song I should love, but I just don’t feel so strongly about it. Who knows, the live performance and staging may yet convince me. I think this is very likely to qualify – but I’m not sure it can get a high placing in the grand final.

Just an interesting point – this is second year in a row that Cyprus has done better in this YouTube chart – will that be reflected in the actual result as it was last year? Harder to call this time…

Mum’s reaction: “Average, really”

Official music video:

Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest:Greece Eurovision flag

First entered: 1974

Appearances (excluding this year): 37

Best result: Winner 2005

Last year’s result: 16th in semi-final (did not qualify)

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  1. Philip Badman says:

    One of the better songs in the contest this year. Stands out from a lot of the dross.

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