Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #24 HUNGARY – Joci Pápai – “Origo”

A Eurovision first for our next preview – Joci is the first Hungarian contestant of Romani descent – and the struggles that minority face in Hungary and other countries is an influence on his song for Eurovision. Hungary have built up a very solid qualification record in recent years – 2009 was the last time they failed to make a final. Can Joci keep up that good record?

Despite my Hungarian friend Zoltan’s reservations about this (he preferred another song in the Hungarian national final), I think this is going to do well in the contest. It’s distinctive, haunting, and memorable. The only fly in the ointment is the rap part – I’m just not sure it needed that – could have done with an instrumental, a verse, just something other than rap! Nevertheless, this is a good song and has gone down well at the various preview concerts and made the top 20 even at the Boom Bang a Bang Eurofest preview event.

Joci has been accompanied by a dancer in all of his performances, and she will also be there on the Kyiv stage. The song centres around a woman and is a tale of unfulfilled love: the woman (represented by the dancer) is not Romani — but Joci is — and as much as they love each other, they can’t work out the differences they face of coming from different backgrounds.

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Official music video:

Live at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam:

Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest:Hungary Eurovision flag

First entered: 1994

Appearances (excluding this year): 14

Best result: 4th in 1994

Last year’s result: 19th

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