Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #33 RUSSIA – Yuliya Samoylova – “Flame Is Burning”

At number 33 in our countdown is Eurovision’s largest country and one that, in recent years, is both always near the top positions in the final while also generating controversy and polarising opinions. This year has been no exception – at the time of writing that wider geopolitical drama is still ongoing and the outcome is unclear. For the purposes of this post, let’s just stick with the song though…  

I’m not surprised to find this in a lowly position (extremely lowly for Russia in fact) as it’s really not a strong song at all. Yuliya clearly is an inspiration but I don’t think she’s been served up with a decent song at all – given how hard Russia has gone for the win in the past decade, you might make your own conclusions about that. It’s a schmaltzy and insipid ballad and if this were from most other Eurovision countries it would probably have an even lower placing on here.

Will we see this at all in Kyiv? Signs suggest that is unlikely but Russia has declared that Yuliya will represent Russia next year if she is denied the opportunity this year. If that is indeed what happens, let’s hope she’s given a better song for next year’s contest.

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Official video:

Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest:Russia Eurovision flag

First entered: 1994

Appearances (excluding this year): 20

Best result: Winner 2008

Last year’s result: 3rd

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