Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #35 MONTENEGRO – Slavko Kalezić – “Space”

Bringing sexy back to (and from) the Balkans, it’s super hot Slavko up next. This song is firmly in MY personal top 10 so it’s a shame that it hasn’t seemed to find as much favour with more prudish YouTube viewers! Still, it’s finished higher than last year’s entry at least. Montenegro have only qualified for the final when they have entered classic Balkan ballads. Can Slavko do it with this uptempo English-language dance track?

I really hope he does qualify as he’s quite some performer  – loved seeing him at the London Eurovision Preview Party. I enjoy the song as well – very up tempo and it’s not often you get a song so overtly sexual in Eurovision (maybe a reason why it has had negative as well as positive reactions)  – but it’s about safe sex so a very good message to bring to a big audience when STD and HIV infection rates are rising amongst young people (both gay straight).

Mum’s reaction: Raised eyebrows (not in a negative way, just got surprised by lack of clothes in video!); no comment on song

Official music video:

Live at London Eurovision Preview Party:

Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest:Montenegro Eurovision flag

First entered: 2007

Appearances (excluding this year): 7

Best result: 13th in 2015

Last year’s result: 13th in semi-final (did not qualify)

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  1. eurovizhardcore says:

    I think his performance & media push till the contest should see him performing more deservingly! Love this song

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