My top 5 songs from…Luxembourg

I’ve done the trio of Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the trio of German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the trio of Caucasus countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) so now time to complete my Benelux trio with Luxembourg – a country that was a founder member of Eurovision but withdrew after 1993 and is yet to return…

They may have been absent for almost 25 years, but their record remains one of the best. With 5 wins from 37 appearances, they have one of the best winning records of all, and plenty of material to construct a top 5 from.

5. Corinne Hermès “Si la vie est cadeau” (1983, winner, 142 points)

The last of Luxembourg’s 5 winners, it’s a classic French language ballad with a big easy to remember chorus – all the ingredients for a Eurovision win back in the day!

4. Vicky Leandros “L’amour est bleu” (1967, 4th place, 17 points)

I’m sure I recognise this song from even before I turned into a full Eurovision fanatic – it’s a softer, subtler song than we’ve come to expect from late 6os Eurovision, yet it is unmistakably 60s sound (and look) to it. Like many artists who represented Luxembourg, Vicky did not come from there – she was in fact Greek-born and grew up in Germany.

3. Vicky Leandros “Après toi” (1972, winner, 128 points)

Vicky was back a few years later and this time won – Luxembourg’s 3rd victory. Soaring chorus, powerfully sung, still a Eurovision classic!

2. France Gall “Poupée de cire, poupée de son” (1965, winner, 32 points)

Luxembourg shook up the 9-year old contest with this iconic winning song, bringing the sounds of the 1960s crashing into the show. Written by famous French singer, songwriter, composer, actor, director, Serge Gainsbourg, the song was also sung by a French singer, France Gall. One of my favourite Eurovision songs and winners.

1. Anne-Marie David “Tu te reconnaîtras” (1973, winner, 129 points)

While “Poupée” is undeniably one of my favourite Eurovision winners, it’s pipped to the post in this top 5 by another of my favourite Eurovision winners and performers. Anne-Marie David (also French!) is a Eurovision institution these days and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her live at both the 6oth anniversary Eurovision’s Greatest Hits concert and also in the more intimate surroundings of the London Eurovision Preview Party where she won over a new generation of fans with a wonderful set. She performed for France in 1979 (and came 3rd) but it’s for this win for Luxembourg that she will always be remembered.

Some Eurovision classics there I think you will agree but are there any that I missed or would you put them in a different order?

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