Eurovision 2017 previews: coming soon!

All 43 songs in this year’s competition have now been revealed (as Armenia have FINALLY released their entry) so it’s getting near time for me to begin the countdown where I preview each country’s entry in the run up to May.

As with the last two years, to keep things a bit more interesting, I’ll be revealing the entries in reverse order of how they fared in the many YouTube videos Eurovision fans make where they rank all the songs. I then use the average ranking of each song determine the order I do the previews in, starting with the lowest ranked country.

My first preview, of song #43, will be published on 27 March, and then there will be a preview everyday until Monday 8 May (the day before the first semi-final) when I reveal the number 1 song as determined from YouTube!

In the meantime, you might like to be reminded of the results of last year’s YouTube based rankings (based on 200 YouTube videos of Eurovision rankings) and how the order compares with actual results at Eurovision.

Other observations: Georgia, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, and of course, the winner Ukraine, did much better in the real event. While there were some big movers, the majority of the bottom 17 in the YouTube list failed to reach the final – so it’s not a good sign if any of your 2017 favourites end up in that lowest portion of the YouTube ranking.

Once again, it was very clear Spain was massively overrated based on the YouTube rankings. Croatia, Iceland, Estonia and Norway were also big losers in terms of high YouTube ranking and actual result

I’ve listed them in their YouTube ranking order. Actual result is in brackets – DNQ denotes did not qualify from semi-final. Romania were disqualified before the contest due to lack of payment of fees to the EBU but that was only after I compiled the list (and the poor guy who was their entry had performed at a couple of preview events, including London.

  1. France (6)
  2. Russia (3)
  3. Spain (22)
  4. Bulgaria (4)
  5. Hungary (8)
  6. Croatia (23)
  7. Azerbaijan (17)
  8. Latvia (15)
  9. Australia (2)
  10. Cyprus (21)
  11. Italy (16)
  12. Iceland (DNQ)
  13. Germany (26)
  14. Czech Republic (25)
  15. Estonia (DNQ)
  16. Norway (DNQ)
  17. Malta (12)
  18. Ukraine (1)
  19. Armenia (7)
  20. Serbia (18)
  21. Austria (13)
  22. Lithuania (9)
  23. Netherlands (11)
  24. Sweden (5)
  25. Denmark (DNQ)
  26. Poland (8)
  27. Switzerland (DNQ)
  28. Israel (FYROM) (DNQ)
  29. United Kingdom (24)
  30. Belgium (10)
  31. Finland (DNQ)
  32. Ireland (DNQ)
  33. Bosnia and Herzegovina (DNQ)
  34. Macedonia (DNQ)
  35. Slovenia (DNQ)
  36. Moldova (DNQ)
  37. Greece (DNQ)
  38. Belarus (DNQ)
  39. Albania (DNQ)
  40. Romania (Disqualified)
  41. Georgia (20)
  42. Montenegro (DNQ)
  43. San Marino (DNQ)

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