My top 5 songs from…Lithuania [OLD]

This Top 5 was published in March 2017 and has been replaced by a newer Top 5 songs from Lithuania

The Baltic set is completed by the largest of the three, Lithuania, though, sad to say to my friend Aiva, among that three, they have the least success in the contest (to date anyway!). Their 2017 national selection has, at the time of writing, taken place a few days ago. I was a little late in putting this top 5 together in time for it (largely due to a party weekend in Brighton!

Lithuania’s best result came in 2006 when they reached 6th, but while they have generally had a good qualification record in the past few years, the results in the grand final have largely been modest. They got their best result for 10 years in 2016, so could they be on the up? Here’s my top 5…

5. Evelina Sašenko “C’est ma vie” (2011, 19th place, 63 points)

We start with West End Lithuania (or perhaps Lithuania does Disney) – a classic ballad in many ways, I’m not crazy about this but I was a little limited in my choices I found!

4. Sasha Son “Love” (2009, 23rd place, 23 points)

One of Lithuania’s classiest entries I’d say, plus a hat worn at a jaunty angle gives Sasha a place in my top 5.

3. Donny Montell “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night” (2016, 9th place, 200 points)

Donny returned to the contest in 2016 after a good result in 2012, when he danced energetically (and somewhat literally) with “Love is Blind” but its his second attempt at Eurovision that makes my personal top 5. The song is OK but it’s the staging that sets this one apart – very impressive. Plus a beefed up Donny puts in another energetic live performance.

2. Andrius Pojavis “Something” (2013, 22nd place, 17 points)

Speaking of energetic performances, this is not exactly one of them! But there is something about this I like – maybe it’s Andrius’s nonchalant attitude (he looks like he’s on his way to the supermarket or local pub rather than on stage of  one of the biggest TV shows in the world) or perhaps it’s those expressive eyebrows! The accented English also seems to work well in this song (well, for me anyway!)

1. Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila “This Time” (2015, 18th place, 30 points)

A rare Lithuanian duet is my number 1 and I happy one it is too! Nothing especially sophisticated about this, but it’s a happy song, joyfully performed and has no less than TWO same sex kisses (at the same time). Good on you Lithuania.

So what did you think? No LT United (who got Lithuania’s best result to date) from me and I didn’t give Donny a double entry. Please do comment below!

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