My top 5 songs from…Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s larger countries but since they first entered Eurovision in 1994, their impact on the upper reaches of contest results has been fairly limited. But are there any hidden gems to help make up my top 5 from their 19 entries? Read on!

5. Magdalena Tul “Jestem” (2011, 19th place in semi-final, 18 points)

A song that could have done so much better had the live performance been better. That said, despite it coming rock bottom in its semi, it’s a rare dancey number from Poland, so it makes the top 5.

4. Blue Café “Love Song” (2004, 17th place, 27 points)

Chosen as this is a song that sticks a little more in the memory than most other Polish entries, the live vocal isn’t perfect and the lyrics are on the repetitive side, but it’s catchy enough to stand over most of the rest.

3. Anna Maria Jopek “Ale Jestem” (1997, 11th place, 54 points)

A little different and unusual, I might remember this better than others as it was the year Katrina and the Waves won for the UK, but I think it merits its 3rd place.

2. Edyta Górniak “To nie ja” (1994, 2nd place, 166 points)

Poland’s very first year in the contest was also their most successful, finishing as runners up on their debut. You can see (well, hear actually) why – Edyta has a great voice and delivers a standout live vocal. Not, to my taste, the most exciting of songs, but it belongs in this top 5.

1. Donatan & Cleo “My Słowianie – We Are Slavic” (2014, 14th place, 62 points)

Well, what can you say about this distinctly un-PC performance and song! Well the overwhelmingly gay Vauxhall audience I was watching Eurovision 2014 with gave a big cheer at various points during this performance. And I won’t forget Graham Norton’s comment during the postcard introducing this “make sure you wake your granddad up for his, he might enjoy it”! Enjoy…

Did I call this top 5 correctly? Or any other Polish entries you would have put in this top 5 instead?

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