January updates coming to my #Eurovision site

A very quick note to say I will be doing some update and posts very soon – just had a bit of a hiatus over Christmas and New Year. I would have posted some over Christmas but was struck down with a flu-ey thing so wasn’t up to doing anything much!

We’ve had the Armenian and Albanian national finals in the last few weeks, several countries kicking off their national selections this month, we’ve had a few internal selections announced recently and we have no less than four national finals this month, which might finally give us some of the actual songs for this year as well.

I’ll be keeping my national finals overview page (better) updated – and we’re entering into peak national selection time now in the coming 10 weeks. Belarus, Finland, Georgia and United Kingdom all hold their finals in January.

Also, plenty more Top 5s coming up – Albania and Armenia will go up shortly, followed by Iceland, Belgium and possibly another Big 5 country┬áin the coming week.

And finally, watch out for some of my own photos and videos from the two Eurovision events I’m going to this month – Eurofest at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on 13 January and Eurovision: You Decide, the UK national final, on 27 January.

Happy Eurovision season!


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