Bonfire Night: a Eurovision top 5

I’ll be jetting off for warmer climes for a week, but I’m not forgetting my blog in the meantime and with the UK’s Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes’ Night) taking place this weekend, what better time for a fire-themed Eurovision top 5? As it turns out, very few Eurovision song titles have used the word “fire” in the title but I’ve dug into the archives and have 5 fire-themed songs for your enjoyment. 

5. Dilara Kazimova, “Start a Fire” (Azerbaijan, 2013)

An understated affair from Azerbaijan (well, excluding the trapeze artist!) but it’s classy, vocally strong performance. Azerbaijan is known as the “Land of Fire” so doubly appropriate for this list.

4. Javine, “Touch My Fire” (United Kingdom, 2005)

Yes, it’s the UK! Not one of the UK’s better results, it’s true, but was probably a bit lower than it deserved. Plenty of countries have put in similar or worse and got a lot more points – but she did score a top 20 hit in the UK with this, so not all bad for Javine!

3. Ann Sophie, “Black Smoke” (Germany, 2015)

This never deserved to get nul points (which sadly is what it got) but it was one of my top 10 from the 2015 crop.

2. Boaz Ma’uda, “The Fire In Your Eyes” (Israel 2008)

A hidden/less well-known gem this one – it’s a hauntingly good song, brilliantly sung and with some distinctly Middle Eastern sounds in it that I think makes it stand out.

1. Paula Seling and Ovi, “Playing With Fire” (Romania, 2010)

Couldn’t really be anything else could it to top this top 5 list of fiery Eurovision songs? Finishing an impressive third in 2010 (equalling Romania’s best ever result), this remains one of my favourite Eurovision songs.

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