Eurovision 2016 semi-final 2 result

Another great show last night and a VERY sore head today. I couldn’t even begin to look at how many bottles of prosecco me and my friends sunk last night…

Anyway, back to the results, how did my predictions and hopes fare, and how did the large Surbiton-Brighton-Canary Wharf jury do?

Firstly, the qualifiers:

In terms of my predictions, I got a perfect 10 out of 10 on this one! Just call me Mystic Matt…

As for my hopes, I got 8 out 0f 10. I lost Norway and FYR Macedonia to Australia and Poland. I knew Australia would go through, but disappointed that Poland got through.

And as for the 20 strong jury, we got 8 out of 10. Our top 8 were all qualifiers (with Bulgaria a convincing winner). We had Belarus and Slovenia rather than Georgia and Poland. Ireland came 11th in our joint scores – sorry Nicky!

Just one sleep now to the final!!

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