Eurovision 2016 semi-final 1: predictions and hopes

Well after the marathon preview countdown today’s post is short and sweet – plus am so busy at work I haven’t had a lunch break to do this! So sadly it’s a bare list, no images or embedded videos to liven it up, just links to the corresponding preview posts! 

Based on the betting, what I’ve seen, heard and read of rehearsals, and what I’ve heard and read from the bloggers and journalists out there, my predictions for the qualifiers and non-qualifiers are as follows:

Qualifiers (going from most certain to qualify to least certain)

Non-qualifiers (going from least certain NOT to qualify, to most certain NOT to qualify):

I think anything from Czech Republic down to about Estonia are all in the mix for qualification/non-qualification, it’s hard to call!

Who I would like to qualify (in rough order of what I like most):

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