Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #1 FRANCE – Amir – “J’ai cherché”

We finally reach the top of the chart! It may not come as a huge surprise who has come top  as they have been topping most of the fan polls prior to rehearsals. They are a big 5 country and 5 times winners – France. If you think that the UK has struggled recently, France really really have, despite trying different musical styles and approaches each year. They have finished in the bottom 5 for the past 4 years, including coming last for the very first time in 2014. They should have no such worries on finishing so low this year, but can Amir give France a win for the first time since 1977?

It’s a great song and the English chorus really enhances the song and broadens its appeal and its chances of Europe-wide success. Amir himself is a good looking guy who is almost an embodiment of this year’s contest’s “come together” theme – he’s was born in France to Tunisian and Moroccan-Spanish Jewish parents and grew up there till he was 8 when he emigrated to Israel. Expect some points coming from Israel for him! He’s a lovely guy, and has a lot of time for the Eurovision fans.

His song has been a fan favourite in the run-up to the contest. He’s started to fall back in the betting since rehearsals began – I think the feeling is that the staging isn’t quite as good as it could be and his chances haven’t been helped by being drawn in the first half. Can it still win? Well I think that has become a tougher ask but I think he still has a better chance than most and I am sure it’s going to be France’s best result for a while. They last got top 10 in 2009; top 5 in 2002, so let’s see if they can match or improve. Allez Amir!

Live at London Eurovision Preview  Party:

France at the Eurovision Song Contest:France Eurovision flag

First entered: 1956

Appearances (excluding this year): 58

Best result: Winner 1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977

Last year’s result: 25th

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  1. @clivebam says:

    This deserves to be a winner, and perhaps the strength of the song negates the need for gimmicks on stage. Douse points from me !

  2. PB says:

    Great song with a fantastic chance of winning. Agree with above as the song is so good doesn’t really need mass overproduced staging. Would be great to see ESC 2017 held in France 🙂

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