Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #5 HUNGARY – Freddie – “Pioneer”

It’s only a week to the second semi-final, and by that time we’ll know if this  country will have matched this YouTube ranking top 5 performance and have made it through to the final (as it will have performed in the first semi-final). It’s a central European country looking to match the recent Eurovision success of their neighbours and former imperial partners, Austria – it’s Hungary.

Hungary arrives in Stockholm with one of the most “Eurovision ready” songs of all – the lyrics, the chorus, the singer’s looks, the staging, its anthemic nature – all elements were laid down in the national final performance (which is also used as the official video). Freddie (real name Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári, is probably my biggest Eurovision crush this year. Aside from those arms (see main image above), he’s a strapping big fellow (he’s 6’4″), good looking and a very deep husky voice. His vocal is always solid, although he doesn’t always articulate the words clearly in some parts of the song. It’s finished high in this countdown and I can certainly see why. I enjoy watching Freddie a lot!

Hungary have had mixed success, some highs, some lows, but generally have been qualifying consistently and comfortable for the past few years. Their most recent success came in 2014 with Anders Kallay-Saunders (5th place) and showed that they can compete for the win. This had been touted as one of the favourites to finish highly (albeit maybe not to win) but its slipped back in recent betting. I’m not sure why that is as Freddie’s first rehearsal was competent by all accounts but maybe its suffering for looking too obviously as being made for Eurovision? As it stands at the moment, betting suggests that this is more likely not to qualify than to qualify! That surprises me but it also seemed to be a bit of a feeling amongst the press and bloggers there, so I will be watching with baited breath next Tuesday as I would like to see this (especially Freddie!) in the final.

Live at Israel Calling in Tel Aviv:

Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest:Hungary Eurovision flag

First entered: 1994

Appearances (excluding this year): 13

Best result: 4th in 1994

Last year’s result: 20th

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  1. PB says:

    This is one of the best songs this year. Should reach the Final no problem (famous last words). Its also great to see the return of a man banging a giant drum. Not enough of the songs this year have used this “essential” eurovision giant drum.

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