Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #9 AUSTRALIA – Dami Im – “Sound of Silence”

Next up is the furthest flung country in this year’s contest, indeed it’s about as far from Europe as you can go! It’s last year’s special guest entry, which (unsurprisingly) has been asked back for another year – Australia. Their return is not unexpected, after their special guest invite last year as part of the 60th anniversary of Eurovision, though I know not everyone is happy that it seems to have been made a regular thing now. As for me, I don’t mind, Australia is a big and long-standing fan of Eurovision and with such a diverse population, they can really connect with and get into the contest.They also bring their big names to the contest as I’m sure they are well aware of the size of the television audience and opportunity to become known in such a huge market. Enter Dami Im!

Last year Australia sent a well established (in Australia) pop star, and they’ve repeated that formula this year, internally selecting Dami Im, a Korean-Australian singer with three top 10 albums and a number one single in Australia. That number one song, “Alive”, earned a nomination as “World’s Best Song” at the 2014 World Music Awards. An established star, and like Guy Sebastian last year, Eurovision will be a perfect platform to springboard her fame more widely. It also shows that Australia are very much in it to win it.

It stands apart from most songs this year in being a ballad, something that will work to its advantage. Dami undoubtedly has a stunning voice but I will admit, I prefer the Czech Republic’s ballad. But it’s a song that does stand out and has a soaring chorus, perfect for Eurovision. Although Australia don’t get an automatic pass to the final this year, this will 100% sail through to the final. Even if it was in the tougher semi-final it would get through, but it’s in the weaker one, and which also both the UK and Ireland vote in, so no  problems there. It’s got a very good chance of matching or bettering Guy Sebastian’s 5th place last year (I’m predicting top 3) and could even win the whole thing! I think there are equally good or better songs that would be deserving of the win, but if it means Eurovision coming to London (biggest Aussie population outside Australia after all), then I won’t grumble 🙂

First live performance in Melbourne:

Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest:Australia Eurovision flag

First entered: 2015

Appearances (excluding this year): 1

Best result: 5th in 2015

Last year’s result: 5th



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  1. PB says:

    Do like this song. Although the 7th heaven remix may have been a better version for entry. Dami Im is an amazing singer but this song doesn’t really allow her to show off her full vocal range.

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