Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #16 NORWAY – Agnete – “Icebreaker”

We’ve reached our penultimate Nordic country in the countdown, and taking the runners up spot is – Norway. Norway are infamous for coming last and getting nul points – not entirely unfounded as they’ve come last more times than any other country and, together with Austria, got nul points the most times. On the other hand, they’ve won 3 times and their last win in 2009 had the biggest winning margin in Eurovision history. They’ve also come in the top 10 in the final for the past three years. So, aside from a couple of blips, they’re one of the most successful countries of the last decade – can Agnete keep that run of success up?

Well she’s given us not one but two songs really, spliced together into a single 3 minute song. Have a listen and you’ll hear what I mean! She’s gone all ice queen on us in it (more Elsa than White Witch) and it certainly looks and feels like a very Nordic song. It does in parts remind me of Margaret Berger’s entry for Norway in 2013. I think that’s the worry/concern/problem for me with this and quite a number of this year’s enties – they are well produced, they are well sung, but I can’t help feeling that I’ve heard them many before or tend to find it hard to distinguish between them. None of which should stop this reaching the final – I expect we’ll be seeing Norway in the Saturday final, though I’m not sure it can make top 10.

Live at Norwegian national final:

Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest:
Norway Eurovision flag

First entered: 1960

Appearances (excluding this year): 54

Best result: Winner 1985, 1995, 2009

Last year’s result: 8th

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  1. PB says:

    I agree it does sound like 2 songs spliced together. Its as if by the end of the verse she decided she actually wants to be singing a ballad, then gets bored and switches to a “dance anthem” track instead.

    1. I think this may struggle to qualify actually

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