Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #30 BELGIUM – Laura Tesoro – “What’s the Pressure”

Next up is a country that has been in Eurovision since its very beginning, and only missed a small number of contests in that long stretch – Belgium. Their entry last year was bold and different and they were rewarded with a very impressive 4th place. This year 19 year old Laura Tesoro takes up the Belgian baton. Can she repeat the success of Loïc Nottet from last year?

Like Finland who were just below this in the ranking list, it’s a bubbly uptempo song. It strikes me as more memorable/earwiggy than Finland’s but I’m not sure I want it to be! This does grate somewhat on me and I don’t think it was the best song or performance in the Belgian national final. However, Belgium has spoken and voted for the youthful Laura. I think this may struggle to qualify and fall into the pattern of recent years for Belgium – one year with a good entry that qualifies, followed by a weaker entry next year that doesn’t qualify.

That said, it’s bouncy enough that it might do OK plus has a bit of an advantage in going last in the second semi-final. What I think is more certain is that this won’t be adding to Belgium’s winning tally which stands at just one sole win in 57 contests.

Live at Belgian national final:

Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest:Belgium Eurovision flag

First entered: 1956

Appearances (excluding this year): 57

Best result: Winner 1986

Last year’s result: 4th


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  1. PB says:

    Unusual silence for first 27 seconds of the song before Fleur East’s “Sax” starts playing. Oh sorry I meant Laura’s Whats The Pressure. Easily confused.

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