Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #33 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – “Ljubav je”

We’re sticking with the Balkans for the next country in the countdown and it’s their first time back in the contest since 2012 – we welcome back Bosnia and Herzegovina. They’ve brought the Balkan sound to this year’s Eurovision, and like Macedonia and just one other country (yet to appear in the countdown), they are singing this song fully in a language other than English. They have a flawless qualification record, always making the finals in the years that they have entered. Can they keep their record up on their return after their 3 year absence? The return of Bosnia also sees the return of one of their previous artists, though if you look back at my post on Deen, you’ll see he is barely recognisable, both in terms of his own physical looks and the song he is singing. This classic Balkan ballad with traditional instruments would normally guarantee qualification for the final but the seemingly unnecessary rap part.

I don’t find this my cup of tea at all – even without the rap I tend to find these songs rather tedious and the rap doesn’t do the song any favours. I think there is a possibility this year that they may not make the final as they are in the super tough semi-final 1. Also, there is much #skandal within the delegation with the producer or writer involved in a fracas with members of the band and the delegation at a dinner together I gather from social media sources!

Live performance at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam:

Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest:Bosnia and Herzegovina Eurovision flag

First entered: 1993

Appearances (excluding this year): 18

Best result: 3rd in 2006

Last year’s result: Did not enter


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  1. PB says:

    This is an awful song, complete with dated 90s rap. This does not deserve to leave the Semi final stage.

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