Eurovision 2016 previews top 43 countdown

Well I’ve finally reached the point where I’m doing a preview of every single one of the 43 entries in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

I looked at over 200 YouTube videos where people had ranked the entries from 43 to 1, so from those, I worked out the average position of each entry and come up with a top 43 based on that.

Don’t be upset with me if your favourite doesn’t come high up. I might be equally upset though I will certainly let it be known what my favourites are, even if they are lower down these rankings.

You may recall that last year certain countries ended up much higher in the real Eurovision than their preview ranking I did suggested; likewise, some that were very high up did not do very well at all (Germany and Spain being the most obvious examples – they were in the top 10 of the preview rankings but bombed in the real final).

As well as doing my usual of introducing the act, the song, any #skandal, and some background of that country’s history at Eurovision, I’ll also post two videos of the song where I can – the official video as well as a live performance (if it exists – sometimes there is no live version yet; and for others the official video is from a live performance).

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