Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #43 SAN MARINO – Serhat – “I Didn’t Know”

Ah San Marino, someone had to come last in the countdown and I’m afraid it’s the contest’s smallest participant that found least favour with the denizens of YouTube.

It’s quite a “special” entry though and I’m afraid most of the other songs this year take themselves rather too seriously and are a trifle homogenous. Not so with the Sammarinese entry…

You might almost think San Marino are deliberately trolling the contest with this but it’s a bit of fun really. Turkey may be absent now from Eurovision, but they have representation in the form of Serhat, a Turkish singer, producer and TV presenter from Istanbul. There is definitely something of the Leonard Cohen about him.

The song itself was originally quite a slow ballad but Serhat also released a disco remix version of the song which got a much better reaction on social media and other websites. An online campaign began to make the disco version the official entry and Serhat and the Sammarinese delegation listened to the fans and made a request to the ESC organisers to make just such a change! You’ll be pleased to know the request was granted 🙂

Here it is, the official entry from San Marino in all its glitterball, discotastic glory!

Truth to be told, this has almost zero chance of qualifying, so make sure you tune into the first semi-final on Tuesday 10 May to catch it live.

Definitely the most fun entry this year!

No live version of the song available online as yet but not wishing to deny you the majesty of Serhat’s live performance potential, take a look at the following video:

San Marino Eurovision flagSan Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest:

First entered: 2008

Appearances (excluding this year): 6

Best result: 24th in 2014

Last year’s result: 16th (of 17) in semi-final;  did not qualify for final.

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  1. @clivebam says:

    Travesty ! Below Greece & Georgia ! Serhat, our Eurovision disco needs you !!

  2. PB says:

    Fab song. Although probably 40 years out of date. Love the way the backing singers sing more than Serhat himself.

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