Eurovision 2016 returning artists part 3: Poli Genova for Bulgaria and Donny Montell for Lithuania

The final two returning artists are from Bulgaria and Lithuania. They had contrasting fortunes in their previous appearances, one making the final, the other not. How will they each fare this year? 

Poli Genova for Bulgaria

Previous appearance in Eurovision: sang “Na Inat” in 2011.

Result: 12th in semi final (did not qualify for final)

I thought it was real shame that this didn’t get through to the final in Düsseldorf. Poli was one of the acts at the London Eurovision Preview Party that year (my first year at the London party). It was held at the Shadow Lounge back then and I remember really enjoying Poli’s performance and the song itself. Certainly there were severall in her semi final that this was far better than. Maybe singing all in Bulgarian counted against her? Not that it should have done as Bulgarian sounds very nice sung. This year, she’s singing in English with a stormer of a song, though she’s kept a little Bulgarian for the chorus – good luck in Stockholm Poli!

Donny Montell for Lithuania

Previous appearance in Eurovision: sang “Love Is Blind” in 2012.

Result: 14th in final

A somewhat surprising finalist in 2012 was Donny Montell of Lithuania (real name Donatas Montvydas) with this very literal interpretation of “Love Is Blind”. Add to that some dance moves that Rowan Atkinson would have been proud of, and you’ve got Eurovision gold it seems! Scored well with the UK and Ireland, something Lithuania always does. He’s back again, having won Lithuania’s exceptionally drawn out series of rounds, semi finals and national final this year. Looking buffer and generally more grown up now in looks and song, we might not see quite such memorable staging this here – but here’s hoping!

So that’s all seven of the returning artists – who will do best? Who else would you have liked to return to Eurovision this year? Feel free to comment below!

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