Eurovision 2016 returning artists part 2: Deen for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kaliopi for Macedonia and Bojan Jovović for Montenegro

A Balkan mix for this second of three posts featuring the seven returning artists to Eurovision this year. The most recognisable and memorable of the three will be Kaliopi (featured in the main image); the other two might be harder to recognise (for differing reasons!) 

Deen for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Previous appearance in Eurovision: sang “In The Disco” in 2004.

Result: 9th in final

Deen is almost unrecognisable now from his first appearance at Eurovision. To put it mildly, he’s lost (all) hair from the top of his head, and gained it around mouth and chin…The type of song he sung then is totally different to the one you’ll be hearing in the semi-finals this year. “In The Disco” is an up-tempo Europop number and was the first Bosnian entry to be sung wholly in English. This year, the song is quite different and sung fully in Bosnian (and features some rapping in Bosnian, though not by Deen)

Kaliopi for Macedonia

Previous appearance in Eurovision: sang “Crno i belo” in 2012.

Result: 13th in final

Kaliopi is back! This is actually the Balkan star’s third time at Eurovision, though her first appearance was in an untelevised preliminary round in 1996 (the first time Eurovision had done any form of preliminary round and before the televised semi-finals were established) where she didn’t qualify. She did have success in 2012 though, and at present, she is the only Macedonian entry to have qualified since 2007. I was really pleased she qualified as I remember her well from the London Eurovision preview party that year – great performance and after all the acts had been on, she joined the fans on the dancefloor and she danced with me and my friends! Lovely lady and good luck to her again.

Bojan Jovović for Montenegro

Previous appearance in Eurovision: part of Montenegrin band No Name, singing “Zauvijek moja” in 2005 and representing Serbia and Montegro

Result: 7th in final

You would be doing well to know Bojan had been in Eurovision before, or that he was back, the price paid of being a band member where there are several members. Bojan was on keyboards and back vocals with No Name (and who disbanded in 2008). They represented Serbia and Montenegro, and were that country’s second and final representatives, before the country split into the separate countries they are now. He is back, representing Montenegro, part of the band Highway this time, though once again is the keyboardist, so you’ll have to keep a sharp eye to spot him!

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