Eurovision 2016 returning artists part 1: Greta Salóme for Iceland and Ira Losco for Malta

There are no less than seven artists making a return to Eurovision this year – that must be approaching some sort of record I would imagine. Since I’m still compiling the YouTube rankings (I’ll finish that this weekend) for the preview countdown, I thought I would keep Eurovision-fever going (well, my own anyway!) with a look back to the returning artists previous Eurovision experience.

Greta Salóme for Iceland

Previous appearance in Eurovision: performed as part of a duet with Jonsi, singing “Never Forget” in 2012

Result: 2oth in final

Greta will be flying solo this year although her song carries a certain similar level of (melo)drama as “Never Forget” (though possibly without her violin and such long hair extensions this time). I always found them to be quite alarming as a duet so will be nice to see her on her own!

Ira Losco for Malta

Previous appearance in Eurovision: sang “7th Wonder” in 2002

Result: 2nd in final

Back after over a decade since her runner up spot, Ira Losco will no doubt be hoping to go one better. This was Malta’s equal best ever result in terms of placing.  I think this was a better song than the eventual winner (Latvia) although I think the UK had the best song that year (Jessica Garlick finished 3rd with “Come Back” – not bad when it was 100% televote).

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