Welcome to Matt loves Eurovision!

Welcome to my new Eurovision blog/site! After a couple of years using a Facebook Page “Matt’s Eurovision Preview” to share my love of all things Eurovision (and particular during the weeks running up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm), I thought it time to do something a bit more than a Facebook Page. It might take me a little while to get this off the ground, populate it with content, get it looking right, so bear with me for a bit!

We’re well into Eurovision national pre-selection and song presentation season, so there should be plenty of posts on their way! 11 countries have now either selected or presented their artists and songs so we’re already a quarter a way through knowing all the acts for Eurovision 2016.

Fear not, if you already follow Matt’s Eurovision Preview on Facebook, I’m setting this up to post to the news feed on that Page. Hopefully this blog will give me more flexibility and a wider reach for those not on Facebook (not everyone is!)

Feel free to comment and contribute, make suggestions, share gossip, but above all, enjoy! That’s what Eurovision is all about 🙂

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